Friday, 7 July 2017

Look through you child’s eyes !

Look through a child’s eyes
This world will appear a big surprise
You learn without paying any price
These young minds will cover miles and miles.

A child’s mind has always been an interesting topic to study among the various psychologists around the world as it is less conditioned by complex mind of an adult. Children can see, observe and perceive things in their own natural and distinct way which may be completely different than a conditioned mind of an adult. To understand a thing better, we all need to look at the world through their eyes as they have the capability to imagine and make things possible without the fear of failure. To strengthen our understanding about children, a renowned child author Dada J.P Vaswani has written several anecdotes in his famous book “101 stories for you and me”.

One of the interesting anecdotes of this book goes like this “Once a businessman returned home in the evening and settled himself in an easy chair, and started reading the evening newspaper. His five-year-old son disturbed him, again and again. To keep the boy busy, he took a world map, which was given in an advertisement, tore it into bits, and passed on the scraps to the child, saying, " Go and fix the world map together, and I will give you a box of candies."The father was sure that the boy, having no knowledge of geography, would never be able to do the task. Within a matter of minutes, however, the boy returned bringing the world map. Astonished, the father asked, "How could you do it?"
The boy answered, "Father, behind the world map was the face of a child. I put the child right, and the world came out right!"

The above story tells us about the creative minds of the young children which can work without inhibitions of trying anything new. They don’t need to be taught anything, they just need to be motivated to explore the world on their own. They need to be nurtured in such an environment where their innate instincts and capabilities are never shadowed by our pre conceived idea of this world. There are endless possibilities in this ever growing world and many great inventions, discoveries, technological advancements etc. are still left to be explored. So, take out sometime from your busy schedule and sit with your child to look at this world through his or her eyes. You might come up with a complete new definition of this life.

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